Privacy policy (cookies)

1. What cookies are?

Cookies files are small text files established by a web browser and stored in a final device of a website user.
They are applied in order to assure a user a comfortable use of the web browser as well as they provide particular information on use of the web site.
They contain name of an Internet website, their unique number as well as time they are stored in a final device.
Cookies (files) do not contain any personal data, they are not used to identify a user or to determine his/her identity.

2. How do we use the cookies?

User of the website gets cookies in order to:

  • Adjust the Internet web site to individual preferences of a user.
  • To log into the web site as well as to keep the logging session when new sub-sites are opened.
  • Prepare statistics of preferences and behaviors of a user in a web site; the data in question is collected anonymously and help to adjust content of the web site and rate popularity of the website in the network.

3. Google Analytics

We apply the Google Analytics service, which has its own privacy policy

Types of cookies:

  • Temporary – files stored in a web browser memory, stored till the end of session which means shutting off the web browser.
  • Regular – they stay in a web browser memory as long as it is enabled by settings of a web browser selected by a user or default settings.


  • Functional – they enable memorizing of web browser's functionalities and affect personalization of the interface.
  • Own – they originate directly from visited Internet web site.
  • External – they originate from sites other than a visited one.
  • Advertising – they enable provision of advertising content to a user, which the user can be interested in.
  • Safety – used to detect abuses in the field of authorization.

4. Change of cookies settings in a web browser

A user can change settings for cookies in his/her web browser anytime.
More information is provided by the following sub-sites:

Changes of the web browser can restrict access to certain functionalities or disable use of a web site totally.