High tec technology is our specialty.

Bajcar Company is, most of all, one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of windows in Poland, one of a few companies, which has its veneer service and a glazing service. Bajcar is an organization, which has a great development potential, it has been constantly looking for modern and interesting technological solutions, it has been investing in a business growth. In 2015 there was erected a new production hall with the most modern technological park. The new machine park is characterized by its capability to adjust itself to the most varied needs of customers in a production process. Bajcar Company has been always paying a lot of attention to investments in the latest technologies. In practice it means enhancement of a product quality and, at the same time, a shorten production cycle time. Due to all of our solutions and two modern, automatic PVC windows production lines we are able to manufacture 2000 PVC windows daily and to maintain all technological and quality parameters.

Moreover, due to launch of a modern aluminum window frame production line we can manufacture aluminum products starting from simple and standard structures to complicated facade solutions and winter gardens.

Paying special attention to quality of its goods, Bajcar Company takes care for quality of delivered products. In order to enhance quality of goods deliveries and to take care for the natural environment, there was bought a transport fleet meeting requirements of the company and other valid standards, enabling our trucks to come into ecology zones.

Bajcar Company has been constantly improving its operations. We want our image - a Trustworthy Partner - be confirmed by a quality of services we offer.