Wooden windows

System profili

BAJCAR FINE_WOOD to system stolarki okiennej oparty na starannie wyselekcjonowanych gatunkach drewna iglastego. Piękna faktura i dyskretna elegancja okna drewnianego jest podkreślana najwyższej jakości materiałami wykńczeniowymi. BAJCAR FINE_WOOD to nie tylko okno, to także ozdoba!

System ten łączy ponadczasowe walory estetyczne oraz świetne właściwości użytkowe. Kształtując przekroje naszych okien zadbaliśmy o to, by dostarczały użytkownikom pełnię możliwości konstrukcyjnych. System BAJCAR FINE_WOOD spełni każdą zachciankę: od standardowych okien otwieranych do wewnątrz przez okna otwierane na zewnątrz, okna obrotowe i przesuwne, aż po skomplikowane drzwi wieloskrzydłowe.

Fittings system

Innovative MACO fittings combine intelligent attributes of a product with a wide range of available optimizations. Non-conventional structure enables to equip a MACO fitting with anti-burglary bolts meeting requirements laid down for WK 2 class and higher ones, as well as with additional wing-control functions. Exceptional functionality of window fittings MACO supports an effective design. Discreet locking, narrow hinges and elegant covers are stunting but they are also very functional during everyday use. MACO warrants the highest service comfort as well as long-lasting and safe operation of a window.

Coupled panes

Insulation coupled panes are made in cooperation with Euroglas company. Euroglas' glass is characterized by technical perfectness. An ideal surface, color stability and high resistance to hard operational conditions supports our product in a battle for users' satisfaction. Years of R&D works resulted in development of a few product lines of coupled panes. Depending on needs we can equip our joinery in panes with much enhanced attributes in the field of energy efficiency, acoustic insulation and resistance to burglaries as well as acts of vandalism.

Range of colors

BAJCAR FINE_WOOD offers nearly 100 colors. The product is available in versions with hiding coats and transparent films enhancing texture of a wood. Each of them is exceptionally strong and resistant to extreme conditions of use. Hence, it decorates greatly and protects the joinery from impact of atmospheric conditions.